Dr. Kalpeshkumar K. Tandel

Just as the walls of a house need to be soaked with human emotion and consciousness to become a home, so must the mind and intellect be soaked with the consciousness of a divine element called education(kelvani) for the creation of a living, benevolent, true human being. As far as teacher training is concerned, the integration of education and skills into the spiritual realm is expected and welcomed. The development of an excellent teacher with an enhanced value of self-expression, self-transformation and dedication has been the focal point of our organization from the very beginning till date. Our organization has been constantly awakening with positive energy with the aim of building a healthy, motivating and vibrant society with value oriented training, prudent use of modern technology, awareness of macro-micro environment and omnipotence. The warmth of the management, the commitment of the principal and the leadership with the servant leadership, the diligence and loving fitness of the entire staff and the readiness of the trainees have always been fruitful and satisfying for all, proving to be crucial for education and building society as a whole. This pleasant feeling is a special achievement for all or us.